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It has always been a dream ... at times volatile.

Volatile like the Pacific tides. I remember the time we filled black plastic and brown paper bags with beer and went down to "the Cove", just around the corner from the main pier at Ocean Beach. There we talked about nothing and everything, with the waves throwing hard against the dangerous rocks. These are memories that still make me homesick today. Longing is something I've learned to live with. It hits me when I expect it the least. But then I just think about the palm trees lining each side along the concrete street leading to the ocean. Then it's all right; a California night.

"walking around on the beach under stars
drinkin' ev'ry night and day
dancing in the streets with the sleeping cars
what can i say"
California Night

"There's a change in the way the sun goes down"

At most times it seems that the sun goes down the same way every night. In Denmark you won’t usually see the sun setting anyway, clouds often make the challenge. Although we have seen the sun set together over and over again, the last time might as well feel different: when we have said goodbye to someone who means something special to us.

"It feels like I’m dreaming
It feels like I’m dreaming
Hear somebody screaming
Hear somebody screaming
It’s not what I want no
It’s not what I’m looking for"


"Seattle Leaves"

Back in 2009 I thought all I was doing was to be about the music. It became too much and I eventually gave in. It would take me almost a year, including a life-changing 6 months road trip with a friend in the US, before I came back with renewed energy. I guess I hoped for a revelation but this was not the case. Even so, as time went by with highways disappearing, I wanted to start again. I guess sometimes this is what it takes. Sometimes a detour is the first step on the right path. Listen to your body once in a while. Get out of your head.

“Stare Into The Sun” is the result of many years work. By many routes we have finally reached the moment where we are ready to present out first album to ourselves and to you. With our pleasure, for yours, we give you 10 songs that reflect more elements than what is meaningful mentioning. One thing is certain: it reflects how we felt in those exact moments when Leif Bruun (producer/mixer) pressed the red button. Three days in May plus four days in September 2014. Almost everything is recorded live, at the same time. The music is alive and this is what we love.

Have we reached our goal? I have learned to be moderate with my goals. Everyone obviously has goals somehow as this is what drives us as reflective, emotional human beings. But it is never as fun to achieve one's goals as it is to be on the path towards them. Because of this I will keep on dreaming, keep on hoping, keep on travelling. I will keep on dreaming and hoping for new goals so the journey can continue. The show must go on.

”Desert Mind”

Eventually it comes to an end. The album closer “Desert Mind” is basically about being confused about one's whereabouts in life. Confusion about the things you do and questions about why this is how it is. In such cases one can be in doubt about what it is that you’re really seeing. It may feel like a mirage. You know that this might not be entirely true, this thing that you are or are not seeing. But then again – do we see the same thing? I don’t think so. We can probably agree to consider a bird or a table, but its importance for us is very individual, I think. But it's cool. Let's consider this album, the music. I hope you get something out of it, to go with you on your path.

Mirage or not, enjoy the album.
Mads Marckmann, The Orange Grove


The album is available on vinyl + digital download at concerts.